Ordering Guidelines
When Ordering
  1. If ordering by fax, please type or print orders legibly, or email order to orders@chocolateinn.net.
  2. To avoid duplication, please indicate if emailed orders were previously faxed. We cannot be responsible for duplicate orders.
  3. See Artwork Specifications for information and instructions for submitting artwork.
  4. Desired ship date must be specified when order is placed but may not be guaranteed
  5. Ship date will not be assigned until all order information and art has been received and/or approved.
  6. An order confirmation, with expected ship date, will be sent after artwork and complete order information has been received and approved.


Normal Production Time: 3-5 Days after approval of artwork for catalog quantities only. Does not include shipping to destination. We may ship earlier then the specified date in order to ensure timely arrival. Drops/Splits are available with a 10 day production time. 

F.O.B New York and F.O.B. Brampton Ontario. All freight charges and applicable taxes are extra. Shipments to other countries outside of North America will incur additional charges and duties. We use UPS and Fed Ex, P.O. Boxes are not deliverable via these services. Freight charges will be invoiced unless customers provide their account number at the time of the order.

For Canada:
3rd Party shippers from F.O.B. Brampton available:
UPS at a fee of $12 net per order
Pick up from FOB Brampton available at a fee of $44net per order

Shipping Weights
Shipping weights, as provided in each product description are approximate and will vary depending upon the weight of the filling. 

Express Service
5 day express add 10%. $25(G) minimum express charge applies to both. 

Express Service Excludes:
Foil Squares, Flexographic wrappers and any items in which the imprinted method utilized is Liquid Lens. Call factory for above catalog quantities. 

Production time will begin the day following receipt of the order, camera ready electronic art and hard copy proof. Orders must be received prior to 1:00 PM Eastern time. 

No Paper Proofs Available on Express Service 

Split Shipments (multiple units to multiple locations) add $7.50(G) per address. If more than 10 locations we require a file in format shown below. 

Individual and Drop Shipments
Individual shipments require mailers (mailer cost varies by item). Drop ship fee is $3.00 (g) per address when supplied in the proper format below. Proper addresses must be provided 2 weeks prior to ship date, in Excel file, with corresponding printed list of names and addresses. For lists in other formats, add $4.50(G) per address. M&M's drop ship charge $9.99 net per address. 

International individual drop shipments add $10(G) per address. 

This fee excludes shipments to Canada. Click here for the USA drop shipment spreadsheet. 

For Canada please click here. 

Either contact or company may be blank but not both. Address 2 may be blank. If the quantity per address varies, the “Quantity” field must be included. 10 days production time. 

Chocolate Shipping
When the temperature reaches 75 degrees F. we will ship your order in insulated containers with ice packs. The product will remain cool for 2 full days. Expedited shipping is required for locations beyond a 2 day ground ship zone. We will use either refrigerated trucking or insulated cartons. We will select the least expensive method. For insulated cartons, add $18.00(G) per carton. When cost effective, a larger carton can be used add $30.00(G) per carton. 

Export Shipments
Shipping cost plus $20.00(G) per destination covers additional paperwork for shipments outside of North America. International shipments are shipped only via UPS and Fed Ex FOB NY. International duties and taxes are billed at a later date.

Products NOT Eligible for West Coast Package:
Awards - Bags - Bottled Water - Items in Glass Jars - Chocolate under WARM WEATHER SHIPMENTS - Heat Transfers - 3D Chocolate Molds - Anti-Bacterial items (due to hazardous material UPS/DOT requirements for air shipping) - All Drinkware items (i.e. Ceramic Mugs, Plastic Bottles, Metal Tumblers, etc.). Does not apply to orders with drop shipments or self promos. 

Gift Cards

Same printed messages on all cards: $2.00(G). Supplied cards insertion with same message: $0.10(G). Supplied cards insertion with different messages: $2.00(G) Policies Less than Minimum  $35.00(G) USA / $50.00(G) CAN for orders less than catalog minimum. The absolute minimum order is 50% of the lowest catalog quantity. Not Available For: wrapped products, calling cards, gum packs, popcorn, foil squares, goody bags, and handfuls. No less than minimum available Nov. 20th through Dec. 24th. 

We make every attempt to product to quantities ordered, but because of the nature of our manufacturing processes, we reserve the right to +/-5% and bill accordingly. Changes to Orders: Changes to orders already in production cannot be guaranteed and may result in delayed shipment or additional charges. Amended purchase order will be required. If the addition is less than one-half the catalog minimum, a less than minimum charge of $35.00(G) may apply. We are not responsible for incorrect pricing or information on websites other than our own. 

All claims must be submitted in writing within 5 days of receipt of goods. No merchandise will be accepted without a factory return authorization number. To cancel an order a $50.00(G) cancellation fee will apply. If order is already in production, the fee, plus the cost of labor and materials will be billed accordingly. 

Damages/Loss Claims
Goods should be inspected immediately upon arrival. Complaints must be made in writing within 5 days of delivery. No merchandise may be returned without factory authorization number. All claims for goods damaged in transit or for delayed delivery must be filed by the distributor/recipient with the carrier on receipt. Substitution Factory reserves the right to substitute items equal or greater value. Art Specifications Please refer to Art Requirements (link) page. 

Random Samples
Orders under $10.00(Z) will be billed for freight only. Orders over $10.00(Z) will be billed at EQP less 25% plus freight (some exclusions apply. Please call for details). Requests must be made via fax or email to orders@chocolateinn.net and must include a courier account number. Samples are non refundable.

Spec Samples
EQP plus setups and where no setup is normally charged $50.00(G) plus product cost and freight applies. The cost of the spec is credited upon receipt of order. Not available for wrapped products, foil squares, hot stamp plates, popcorn, gum packs and calling cards

Distributor Self-Promo
Billed at EQP less 10% plus setups 

Co-op Programs
For special pricing we require proof if the targeted and specific end-user program in which our products are featured. This can be an online store or printed catalog. We offer complete fulfillment services including storing and shipping products as needed. 

All copy or other materials submitted by the customer for use by us in producing the items ordered will be accepted as being submitted in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademark, service mark, copyright, right to privacy, patent or similar protection. Copy and trademarks illustrated in this catalog are used to demonstrate product imprinting and are not actual purchases by the organization shown. Items shown do not constitute endorsement of our product line by anyone. 

 All products are subject to availability.